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Founded in 2017, and based on work going back to 2014, Cameral was born from a dream and a frustration. We'd all worked in politics, whether as activists, candidates, or support staff. We did that because we dreamed of making a real difference in the world. Bute we repeatedly found ourselves held back by the quality of technology. The simple truth was the political world was, and is, light years behind the rest of the US technologically.

Most solutions were poorly engineered and stuck in paradigms more relevant to business development than winning elections. Whether you've used NGP-VAN or Nationbuilder, there's a palpable sense of being stuck in the previous era. And on top of that, the solutions were expensive and didn't match campaign's specific needs. Even getting up and running was a battle.

Well, as a team of engineers, political experts, and data nerds, we decided to fix this. That was the birth of Cameral.

We envisioned Cameral as a way to help people run and win campaigns. We always saw it as a way to lower barriers and increase inclusion. We knew that the people who couldn't run were usually the ones most disadvantaged by society, the ones who could most benefit from political power.

The custmer demand was overwhelming. What began as a fairly narrow set of compliance and integration tools soon expanded to your campaign in a box. Now Cameral is a tool that lets you start, track, run, and win your campaign while automatically complying with the legal requirements for running. We are proud to be living up to our vision and, in our own way, supporting democracy.

We are Cameral, your campaign in a box. We are lowering the barriers of entry to politics. We hope we are making America's democracy stronger. And we want to help you.

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Cameral - Your Campaign in a Box


We are Cameral, your Campaign in a Box. We empower you to run for the offices that matter to the most!


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