More About Cameral.

Founded in 2016, but based on working going back to 2014, Cameral was born from a dream and a frustration.

The dream was a democratic, inclusive country.

The frustration was that the tools and infrastructure aren't very good.

These two are inherently linked. Who can run, when the gap between what they need and what is available is so wide? Only those who already have money, or who can get major party support. Cameral seeks to bridge that gap and democratize the process. Cameral is your campaign in a box. You bring your message and your base, we bring the rest, from legal expertise to supply chains.

We are a team of engineers, politicos, businessmen, and former politicians working to make elections work for the people.

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Cameral - Your Campaign in a Box


We are Cameral, your Campaign in a Box. We empower you to run for the offices that matter to the most!


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2221 South Clark St
Arlington, VA
United States, 22202