Frequently Asked Questions.

I'm running for a small office, like County Water Commissioner. Should I use Cameral? Can I afford it?

Yes. In fact, we want people like you on our platform! Our unique pricing structure makes us very suitable for small races. And even in races where you only want to mobilize a few hundred people, Cameral can help you keep track of everyone and keep them up to date on your campaign.

I'm running for a big office, like US Senator. Should I use Cameral?

Yes. While our focus is on smaller offices, we are capable of handling large scale campaigns. We can both help you reach out to a mass electorate and target small communities. While the majority of our clients are small races, we have helped senators win in some of the most populous states in the United States.

I saw your service list. I only want to use some of them. Can I?

Yes. The only thing everyone is required to use is the central Voter Relationship Management system. Beyond that you can pick and choose whether you want to use our email service, or integrate your own. Whether you want to hire off of our marketplace or bring your own people. We are an a la carte service, here to provide you with what you need.

I don't want to use your software but want to use one of your one off services, like the registration services. How do I?

We think that would be a shame, since we really believe in our product. But our mission is to help you run, regardless of the use of our software. Contact us and we'll get you set up.

I saw you provide discounts on services I use. Can I sign up just to get the discounts and not use the software?

Again, we think that would be a shame, since we really believe in our product. But yes! You can. You will still be required to sign up and buy through our store, but you don't need to use the software platform.

Do You Have or Endorse Any Political Positions?

Cameral is for democracy, for participation, for voter turnout, and for low barriers to running for office. We do not endorse any parties or policy positions.

Do you exclude any groups or have any party restrictions?

We believe the use of our platform should be open to anyone the country decides is eligible to run. We only exclude those groups that are not eligible to legally run. This includes almost all parties. If you're unsure, contact us.

I'm working for a good cause or an important candidate, can I get a discount?

Unfortunately, most campaign laws count specific discounts as a campaign contribution. In order to avoid the legal implications of that, we do not offer discounts of that kind. We suggest you apply for the Hiram Revels Award.

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