The Hiram Revels Award.

The Hiram Revels Award.

Hiram Rhodes Revels (1827-1901) was an American minister, military chaplain, college professor, and politician. He was the first African American senator, taking the former seat of Confederate President Jefferson Davis. He served in Reconstruction during a time when African Americans, for the first time, were given the chance to organize and run for political office. He was a warrior for equality who worked, quietly, persistently, passionately for the benefit of his people and the entirey of America. He represents the best of what political representation and access can give. How democratic processes may produce justice and freedom. And how important office holding is.

Cameral is dedicated to making it easy to run for office for everyone. From the local school board member all the way up to the President. Every year we seek out the best people serving the least represented communities to honor them. In addition to the press and recognition, they get free time with our political experts and a one time $5,400 grant to help them achieve their goals.

We judge on varying criteria each year, but in general people representing or improving political access for communities with strong need win out. We do not judge on the size of the race, and our need category favors smaller races. We are politically neutral and have given as many awards to left wingers as right wingers. Applicants must be doing work or running in the United States.

2016 Applications Closed. Please come back in March of 2017 for next year's award!

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